Welcome to the website of Blown In Glass, featuring the work of Glass Blower Murray Browning. Creating coloured glass objects from simple rods and tubes in Cairrns tropical north Queensland, Australia.

Browse this site to View individual hand made items from Gecko's to  perfume bottles and shells. Dichroic pendants and hearts are also available to view or buy.

We also stock a range of borosilicate rods and tubes & Chinese Colour Rod and Tubing for glass artists which can be purchased at discount prices per kilo in mixed lots, or by 10 kg or 20 kg lots.

We do a range of small items such as Turtles, Platypus
Geckos and Frogs with metalic colouring on the backs, Ideal small items for Gallerys, as well as Full Colour Geckos, Shells Lizards Dichroic Heart Pendants.

Gallery owners are welcome to enquire.

Thank you for Visiting
Murray & Robyn Browning
Email - Enquiry@blowninglass dot com dot au